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Add:No. 16, Guangzhou Road, China (Shiyan) Auto Parts Centre, Shiyan, Hubei, China, 442013

Shiyan Vorno Heavy Automobile Co.,Ltd is located in Shiyan which is called 'Automobile City' and the base of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and also the China's biggest Commercial Vehicle parts distribution Center.The world-renowed Wudang Taiji also originate hereat.

Our company established Business Department,Brand Operation Departmen...

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  • Dongfeng Cummins ISLE Cylinder Block 4946370 Name:Dongfeng Cummins ISLE Cylinder Block 4946370
  • Cummins 4BT Crankshaft 3907803 Name:Cummins 4BT Crankshaft 3907803
  • Camshaft D5010550490 Name:Camshaft D5010550490
  •  Bearing , crankshaft thrust  3906230 Name: Bearing , crankshaft thrust 3906230
  • Front Oil Seal 4890832 Name:Front Oil Seal 4890832
  • Condenser D5010412293 Name:Condenser D5010412293
  • Cylinder Head 3977225 Name:Cylinder Head 3977225
  • Cylinder Block 3939313 Name:Cylinder Block 3939313
  • Crankshaft 10BF11-05020 Name:Crankshaft 10BF11-05020
  • Dongfeng Cummins Gasket Name:Dongfeng Cummins Gasket
  • IS4D Cylinder Head 4941495 Name:IS4D Cylinder Head 4941495
  • 4BT  Cummins cylinder block 3903920 Name:4BT Cummins cylinder block 3903920
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Shiyan Vorno Heavy Automobile Co.,Ltd. TEL:0086-719-8287244 FAX:0086-719-8287133 /8287244
Address: No. 16, Guangzhou Road, China (Shiyan) Auto Parts Centre, Shiyan, Hubei, China, 442013